Affliction GSP Icon Board Shorts

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As the world awaits the return of reigning UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St.-Pierre, Affliction represents him with their GSP Icon board shorts, a design encapsulating GSP’s style and power. Visually intriguing color combinations and sleek graphics set these shorts apart from others, and the different textural styles make for a truly one-of-a-kind design. The white section on the right side features GSP’s widely known signature symbol, the fleur de lis, in the form of subtle imprints. What the eye sees first, though, is the majestic eagle perched on the left leg, with wings spread for flight. Affliction brings their A-game with a a classy, yet fun design that reminds us of GSP’s imminent return to the Octagon.

GSP Icon Boardshort
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GSP Icon Boardshort

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