Bad Boy MMA Grappling Bag Kit

Topics: MMA Gear

Get everything you need to work on your ground game with this grappling kit from Bad Boy.  This kit comes with the bag, a pair of MMA grappling gloves, and a 9’ jump rope.  Bad Boy is now a two-time award winner for best MMA training equipment, so this gear is trusted and quality built.  The dummy bag and gloves are both covered with durable premium synthetic leather; the dummy weighs a total of 50 pounds.  The gloves are designed with a closed palm, so they are great for both striking and grappling workouts.  The lining is built to wick away moisture, reducing odor and causing them to last longer.  The jump rope is made from long lasting polyurethane, with durable ABS handles.  Get the most out of your ground game training with this quality grappling kit. 

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