Dan Hardy Documentary

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New from Ian McFarland is a documentary on a man everyone loves to talk about, Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy. This short film really gives a different perspective on the “bad boy” UFC welterweight, shining him in a different light than we’ve seen before. Even with UFC productions such as Primetime or Countdown, he has never voiced his innermost thoughts quite like he does in this documentary by McFarland & Pecci. The film follows him through everyday events, such as training, catching a flight, reading in his hotel room, shopping, etc. He narrates the piece, putting the audience somewhat in his shoes while discussing his career, his life, and more. After his win last evening at UFC 146, it looks like Dan Hardy will be in the UFC for awhile longer, so take a few minutes to get to know him better, pick up his walkout tee from last night’s event, and see how differently you may feel about him.

The Outlaw Video – Part 1

The Outlaw Video – Part 2

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