Dethrone D Eagle Shirt

Topics: MMA Clothing

Dethrone Royalty mixes it up this spring with a variety of new shirt designs, including walkout tees such as the recent Josh Koscheck design, and their fierce Manimal design as well. Now comes a more basic, whimsical vibe, presented in the form of their D Eagle shirt. The graphics are quite clever, with the large outline of the letter “D” formed around the head of an eagle. Even more straightforward is the logo, shown in worn, rugged block lettering. This is the type of tee that goes well with anything, and can be worn anywhere. Whether you’re hanging out with buddies while watching the next big MMA fights, or on a date, this new design from Dethrone is refreshing, uncomplicated, and sophisticated all at once.

Dethrone D Eagle Shirt | White

Dethrone D Eagle Shirt | Kelly Green

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