Jeremy Stephens Heavy Hitters Walkout Shirt

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Dethrone has revealed their latest walkout shirt for Jeremy Stephens dubbed “Heavy Hitters,” which is very fitting for the dynamic heavy hands that Lil’ Heathen is known for throughout his UFC career. Dethrone showcases a simple, yet clean style from their creative and talented design team. The front graphic displays two spiked bats that are crossed with a Dethrone anti-crown symbol. Next, follows the words “Heavy Hitters” on super soft navy heather colorway. With a few rough outings in his last 2 fights, Jeremy will be looking to get a win under his belt to move up the ranks in the crowded UFC 155 lb. division. Lets show Jeremy that we got his back whether he wins or loses and pick up his newest walkout shirt for his upcoming fight against Yves Edwards.

Jeremy Stephens Walkout Shirt
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Jeremy Stephens Walkout Shirt by Dethrone