Dethrone Old Card Shirt

Topics: MMA Clothing

Dethrone unleashes an inspirational tee that will give you wings, showing that you believe in yourself and your skills: the Old Card shirt. This stunning shirt does have wings, along with a bold shadowed logo right at the center, a banner declaring Dethrone Royalty’s brand, and a slick cursive “King Crushers” at the bottom, reinforcing the idea of dethroning royalty and making a statement. A scroll also makes an appearance, stating, “Defeat Thy Rivals, Demand Their Respect,” while crossed swords add even more attitude. Give yourself more of an edge in between fights by wearing Dethrone’s great new Old Card shirt, part of their spring 2012 collection of MMA inspired tees.

Dethrone Old Card Shirt | Navy

Dethrone Old Card Shirt | Black

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