Johny Hendricks Fight Shorts

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During Johny Hendricks’ impressive split decision win over well-rounded division leader Josh Koscheck at the recent UFC on FOX 3 event, Ecko MMA was in his sponsorship corner, providing him with a signature walkout tee and fight shorts built for an Octagon war. Their Standard Issue fight shorts are what he wore for his fight, whose 100% polyester fabric ensures maximum comfort, fit, and mobility. He stood out without being too flashy, with a slick green full logo on the side and black and white accents. These performance enhancing fight shorts provided Hendricks with full range of motion and dexterity, giving him the ability to handle Koscheck’s attacks throughout their fight. Step up your game just like Hendricks does, with your very own pair of Ecko MMA Standard Issue fight shorts.

Ecko MMA Johny Hendricks UFC on FOX 3 Fight Shorts
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Ecko MMA Johny Hendricks UFC on FOX 3 Fight Shorts

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