Fighter Insight: Mark Hunt’s Lighter Side

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With Mark Hunt’s tremendous surge up the UFC Heavyweight ladder following the purchase of Strikeforce by Zuffa, he has become popular beyond belief, with some fans even pushing for him to receive a title shot soon. Hunt has a high-profile matchup looming against Stefan “Skyscraper” Struve at UFC 146, which will prove to be a battle worth paying attention to. FighterStyle managed to catch up with this man of few words, to get some light-hearted insight into what makes Mark Hunt tick.

In true FighterStyle fashion, we began the interview with a question about MMA clothing, asking which brand does he prefer for apparel. He responded with a candid and honest, “Who ever is paying the most.” Most recently, and quite frequently, Hunt is sponsored by Throwdown for his fights, and has walkout tees from the brand for UFC 144 and the upcoming UFC 146. Hunt recently had the pleasure of being involved in a Throwdown photo shoot, and when asked about that experience, he said it was great, because Throwdown is really a great brand. We also tapped into the subject of music, as everyone seems to have their preference of what to listen to while working out. When asked about what type of music he listens to during training, he responded with, “Anything to get through training.” On a more serious note, we inquired as to who he looks up to and admires, as an athlete. His response was “Mike Tyson, because he is an inspiration to me.” To finish this short interview, we wanted some insight as to what Mark likes to do in his free time. His response was simple: “Family & friends.”

Throwdown Photoshoot with Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt is a truly original fighter and person, with a lot to offer fans in the way of support and entertainment. Let us all wish him the best in his upcoming fight with Stefan Struve at UFC 146. If you would like to get in touch with Mark, you can usually find him on Twitter: @markhunt1974. Support Mark Hunt’s upcoming fight at UFC 146 with his latest walkout shirt from Throwdown.

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