Flashback Friday: Dethrone Cain Velasquez Miedo No Shirt

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Cain Velasquez fight without fear, only skilled preparation, confidence, and a good game plan need to be taken into the Octagon. With his UFC 146 fight against UFC newcomer and Strikeforce veteran Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva looming on the horizon, we take a look back at some of his apparel from Dethrone when he was the Heavyweight champion. The shirt is all about not having fear when headed into a battle, expressing “Miedo No,” which means “No Fear” with a calm and focused portrait of Velasquez. Get yourself a great new tee to wear in support of the former champion’s climb back to the belt at UFC 146 at the end of the month.

Dethrone Cain Velasquez Miedo No Shirt
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Dethrone Cain Velasquez Miedo No Shirt

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