Hayabusa Haburi Compression Shorts and Pants

Topics: MMA Gear

Skin protection technology, comfort and design met when these state of the art Hayabusa shorts were created.  These compression shorts are crafted for optimal performance and hygiene.  You can purchase them in the form of shorts or pants, and they come in varying sizes.  Technological features including a Guard lock waistband and cuffs ensure a no-slip fit, which is important for mobile mixed martial artists.  Other features include an integrated cup pocket, and thermo regulating moisture wicking fabric that keeps the wearer dry and warm during a hard workout.  The material used has been scientifically tested; it is antimicrobial, which will inhibit the growth of bacteria and also protect against infection.  The graphics, which are fiber fused for durability, are minimal yet classy and stylish.  For the shorts, the Hayabusa logo appears running down the side of the left front leg, as well as across the back, along with a symbol printed on the back of the right leg.  The pants feature the logo simply across the waistband and the left shin and calf.  Wear these Hayabusa shorts during every training session for a sure advantage in this fast-growing sport!

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