Hayabusa MMA Mesh Gear Bag

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Hayabusa definitely has its customers in mind when they create their merchandise for the MMA community.  This mesh duffle-style gym bag is tricked-out and stylish.  It is constructed with a tough, puncture and abrasion resistant mesh exterior, with a coated nylon bottom for added strength.  The fully ventilated design maximizes your gear’s longevity by excluding moisture and odors from taking over.  The size is spacious; with measurements of 14” x 14” x 25”, all of your gear and apparel with have a proper place.  It also features a water resistant inner pocket, which is great for separating items.  A removable padded shoulder strap allows you to carry all of your gear, without the sore shoulder.  Hayabusa’s bags are constructed with superb quality, with sturdy zippers, durable hardware, and high quality fabric that will stand up to your demanding training schedule.  The Hayabusa logo appears on both long sides, small on one side and large on the other.  The basic black color with white stripe accents gives the bag a classy feel.

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