Hayabusa Tatame Inspired Sandals and Flip Flops

Topics: MMA Clothing

With Spring in sight, the prospect of dragging your beloved sandals and flip flops out of the closet is almost a reality. Hayabusa wants you to be prepared, and releases a great new couple of warm weather shoe designs in anticipation of Spring. Besides being worn casually with your regular everyday clothing, the sandals are great for post workout comfort, and the flip flops can also be worn in the shower for skin protection. Both designs are lightweight, and the sandals are also adjustable to fit any type of feet. Both also feature soft, flexible, and massaging soles, to provide the best comfort for sore, post workout feet. Give yours the special treatment with these comfy new designs from Hayabusa.

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Hayabusa Tatame Inspired Sandal

Hayabusa Tatame Inspired Sandals (left) & Flip Flops (right)

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