Miguel Torres Walkout Crew

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[letercaps]J[/letercaps]aco unleashes a completely original walkout design inspired by former WEC Bantamweight Champion Miguel Angel Torres for he and his crew to boast during and between his Octagon appearances. The design is simple, really, utilizing the Spanish phrase, “Hecho en el Octagono” in the center, creating a parallel to Torres’ Mexican heritage. In English, it means “Made in the Octagon,” of course referring to the UFC platform. Miguel’s presence is made known again when we take a look at the back of the shirt, where his name appears in gentle cursive, with “Down to Fight” also showing under his name. This reflects his unwavering desire to fight anyone at any time, anywhere. Despite his recent loss to up and comer Michael McDonald, show Miguel Torres that his fans are always in his corner by sporting his signature walkout shirt this summer.


JACO Miguel Torres Walkout Crew


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