Glover Teixeira Walkout Shirt

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MMA Elite prepares us for the upcoming battle in Brazil with a Glover Teixeira MMA walkout shirt for UFC 153. The design is signature MMA Elite, with a simplistic design that showcases Teixeira’s Brazilian heritage. This exciting light heavyweight UFC prospect will be hard to miss on the main card with a walkout tee such as this, which carries Brazilian flags on each sleeve and the nation’s colors within all of its graphics. Be sure to tune in on October 13th to watch this knockout artist go to work against Fabio Maldonado, and be certain to watch the fight in proper fashion, wearing an MMA walkout shirt of your own.

MMA Elite Glover Teixeira UFC 153 Walkout Shirt
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MMA Elite Glover Teixeira Walkout Shirt UFC 153