MusclePharm Weak Ends Here and The Military Shirts

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MusclePharm brings basic back in style with a couple of simple new designs, just in time for the busy Spring fighting season. Paired with a stylish MusclePharm beanie, you’ll be set to make waves this year while watching some of the big up and coming fights and supporting one of the biggest supplement companies in business with the UFC. Both “Weak Ends Here” and “The Military” feature the inspiring saying “Weak Ends Here,” along with visually intriguing logos and their signature bright green color. Apt for the theme, The Military shirt features the MP logo on the front in the form of a dog tag, and the words all feature a green and yellow camouflage coloring. If you love MMA clothing, but you want something that’s both good looking and simple, Muscle Pharm has got you covered.

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MusclePharm Weak Ends Here & The Military Shirts

MusclePharm Weak Ends Here & The Military Shirts

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