No Mas UFC 1993 Full Zip Hoodie

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Continuing to pump out action packed memories from old school UFC times, No Mas NYC has delivered a classic piece that no hardcore MMA fan can go without by introducing the UFC 1993 Full Zip Hoodie. After releasing a similar UFC 1 shirt they follow up by shining a spotlight on the first inaugural Ultimate Fighting Championship event held in Denver back when the cards were marketed as “no holds barred” fights and determined through a tournament style fight night. No Mas NYC understands the importance that night had on the future of combat sports in America and eventually around the world; they have manufactured a sleek black hoodie to commemorate this legendary UFC 1 card. Royce Grace became an icon and his name became synonymous with the UFC during this historic event, bringing home 3 submission wins to take the tournament title back to Brazil while opening the eyes to many fans and practitioners about the art of Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

No Mas UFC 1993 Full Zip Hoodie

No Mas UFC 1993 Full Zip Hoodie Collectable Hangtag

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