Punch Buddies Georges St-Pierre “GSP Not Impressed” Shirt

Topics: MMA Clothing

GSP is one of the most popular mixed martial artists in the game today.  This whimsical shirt from Punch Buddies pokes fun at St.-Pierre for his comment to Matt Hughes that he wasn’t impressed by his performance against BJ Penn at UFC 63.  This comment will forever live in the minds of MMA fans everywhere, and numerous videos have even been made regarding the comment.  Thanks to the folks at Punch Buddies, we now have a shirt to wear that playfully reminds us of GSP’s infamous comment.  The design depicts the Welterweight champion in his signature gi, thinking “I’m Not Impressed by Your Performance!” and pushing a man in a wheelchair towards the hospital.  He also happens to have a halo over his head, being held up by a bird.  Whether you love Georges, or you just think this shirt is hilarious, this design from Punch Buddies is a sure winner.

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