Retro Affliction American Customs Collection, Part I

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Affliction’s American Customs collection is a work of art in itself, providing a retro, patriotic launching pad for their creative genius. The collection has grown quite large over time, with various designs paying tribute to different American customs. Those included in our part I feature include the MC Eagle, Rebels No. 1, Motor Club, Kiss of Death, and MFG tees. The MC Eagle tee reveals a masterpiece on its back, complete with a sprawling eagle and “Born to Raise Hell,” the badass motor club theme is evident. “Rebels No. 1″ is markedly retro, with a large number one on the back, colored in with an American flag design. The classy cursive font gives way to an old school vibe, along with “Built for Speed” in multiple locations. Next is the Motor Club V-Neck tee, which is more modern and less casual than the others. Using not only a non-traditional v-neck cut, but also a clean, neat stencil font that creates visual interest, Affliction has created a stylish MMA shirt that you can wear virtually anywhere. The Kiss of Death is probably their most intriguing design of this bunch, with a coiled snake appearing in red, white, and blue, with its fangs bared in a menacing glare. Rounding out part I of this classic collection is the MFG shirt, which is a tribute to our Native American heritage. A traditional Native American feathered headdress makes an appearance on both sides, leaving little doubt as to whom the tee pays tribute to. If you’re proud to be an American, and you love the great sport of MMA, these creative tees are literally built specially for you.


Affliction MC Eagle Tee | Front & Back View

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Affliction Rebels No1 Tee

Affliction Rebels No1 Tee | Front & Back View

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Affliction American Customs Motor Club V-Neck Tee

Affliction American Customs Motor Club V-Neck Tee | Front & Back View

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Affliction Kiss Of Death Tee

Affliction Kiss Of Death Tee | Front & Back View

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Affliction Customs MFG Tee

Affliction Customs MFG Tee | Front & Back View

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