Roots of Fight Bruce Lee Photo Shirt and JKD Hoodie

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Roots of Fight brings Bruce Lee’s spirit alive with a tribute in the form of a photo t-shirt and a memorable hoodie design to capture his energy. The photo seen on the shirt is Bruce Lee “hanging out on the set of a friend’s movie, looking like a rock star but off-camera, horsing around.” With a basic, somewhat vintage vibe, this tee is sure to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling when worn. The vintage fit, with its slim fit body and relaxed collar, will impart maximum comfort during MMA marathons and the like. The hoodie also features a photo of Lee, in a fighting pose with Kanji symbols on each side of his head. The back features more symbols, providing an intrigue to anyone walking behind you. Support one of the founders of martial arts today by adding his signature fight wear from Roots of Fight to your apparel collection.

Roots of Fight JKD Hoodie

Roots of Fight JKD Hoodie | Front & Back

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Roots of Fight Bruce Lee Photo Shirt

Roots of Fight Bruce Lee Photo Shirt | Front & Back

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