Round 5 Titans Royce Gracie Action Figure

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Round 5 is unleashing another round of endearing action figures upon mixed martial arts fans everywhere.  The Titans are here, including legends of the sport, including the one and only Royce Gracie action figure.  This amazing sport owes so much to Royce Gracie, whom nearly single-handedly raised awareness of the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the sport of mixed martial arts.  Of Gracie’s 14 wins, 12 of the victories are by way of submission.  He really showed people what Jiu-Jitsu was all about.  Although Gracie is not officially retired, he does hold a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame.  This Royce Gracie action figure shows the Brazilian in his signature gi, complete with a black belt around his waist.  The figure also has that calm look that is often associated with Gracie.  With the UFC’s return to Brazil, and the sport growing at such an unprecedented, rapid pace, now is the time to remember who helped the sport get to where it is.  Pick up a Royce Gracie action figure from the new Titan Series this holiday season.

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