RYU Shirts Summer 2012 Lookbook, Part 1

Topics: MMA Clothing

RYU: Respect Your Universe is at it again, with a collection of new RYU shirts to satisfy the masses. This summer collection follows the announcement of the opening of their first retail store in Las Vegas, and comes at the same time as their highly anticipated women’s collection. This set of tees includes nine stellar designs: Unity, Integrity, Hojo Knot, Archer, Classic, Battle Cry, Ritual Performance, Age of RYU, and Vertical RYU. Each shirt features RYU’s signature simplistic, self-explanatory graphics, which are refreshing in the world of complicated, intricate pieces. Bright, bold colors and clean lines make the RYU shirts from this summer collection some to remember, and they provide the perfect canvas to wear during any of the exciting MMA events soon to come.



















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