TapouT 2012 Limited Edition Mouthguard

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TapouT brings their unparalleled mouthguard quality into 2012, with a new design for all contact sports, which is a limited edition for 2012. Many aspects make TapouT’s mouthguards unique, from the unsurpassed quality to the creative color combinations and, of course, the substantial dental warranty of $30,000 that leads the market. Adding even more to this extensive package, TapouT includes two mouthguards in every purchase. The overall design of this limited edition mouthguard includes protection against concussions thanks to a concussion defense system, a barricade for the bottom teech, and a jaw stabilizer to prevent jaw injuries. With several different color combinations to choose from, TapouT has got you protected this year thanks to their creative genius and injury prevention technology.

Tapout 2012 Limited Edition Mouthguard
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Tapout 2012 Limited Edition Mouthguard | 2 Color Combo

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