Three Reasons Why MMA Is The Best Sport Ever

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In a life where American Football dominates the United States and Soccer rules the world, it’s hard to imagine that the best sport ever could be anything different from those two. And yet, when we stop to think about the question, it’s more than obvious that Mixed Martial Arts is by far the best sport ever, and it all begins with three reasons.

1) Real Fighting:  Unlike the “sweet science” of boxing or the raw strength and technique of wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is entirely real. When I say real, I don’t mean that the other two combat sports are somehow fake, but rather they don’t accurately portray real world combat. While boxing can teach a fighter some great skill-sets to bring into a fight, and wrestling is useful in nearly all confrontations, neither accurately portray real fighting because both are one-dimensional art forms.

In MMA, fighters compete utilizing a variety of disciplines, with rules only in place to help prevent serious injury. This means that in order to be successful, you must be able to fight both on your feet, and on the ground, making the end of each contest a much more realistic projection as to who really would have won had they met somewhere out in the real world.

2) Safer For Fighters:   Despite MMA including everything from kicks, to chokes, to arm-cracking submission holds, it is actually a much safer sport than something like boxing. While boxing can allow a fighter to fall down and be completely out of it for nearly 10 seconds, an MMA fight is over as soon as someone ceases to defend themselves intelligently. There are also fewer rounds in MMA because of the stamina required to compete, which means less total punches a fighter can take to his head. Punches are indeed harder in MMA because they use lighter open gloves, however the ability to grab your opponent gives fighters the ability to defend themselves from onslaughts of fists, instead of sitting against the ropes like a punching bag.

Serious injuries are few and far between in professional MMA, and to this day the premier MMA league the Ultimate Fighting Championship has never experienced a single death. While you do have more nagging injuries in MMA, such as injured hands, sprained ankles or even the rare broken arm, these pale in comparison to the “punch drunk” mental problems that older fighters in sports like boxing exhibit routinely.

3) Dynamic Matches:  MMA isn’t just safer for fighters than other popular combat sports, it also creates much more exciting matches. The very nature of Mixed Martial Arts means there is an endless variety of styles to be matched up against one another in any given fight, and as a result the outcomes can be notoriously difficult to predict by comparison to other sports. Better fighters establish themselves over time and certainly hold better records, however there are so many ways to win (and lose) in a fight that you really do get the sense that any fighter has the opportunity to win when stepping into the octagon.

The fact that even the best fighters can lose in MMA, is also one of its greatest strengths. In MMA, unlike in many other combat sports, you’re allowed to lose. In sports like boxing, being 17-8 would often mean you’re nowhere near the elite of the crop, and just losing once in itself could ruin your career. In MMA, however, there is so much more to learn that every fighter is always improving, and there’s always something that they can work on to enhance their game for the next contest.


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