Throwdown Thermal Collection

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Throwdown, with a reputation for creating some of the most abstract designs on the market, has released many different designs for their thermal line throughout this winter. With a couple more months yet to bear, picking up a couple of thermals to keep you warm for the remainder of this cold season is a grand idea, and Throwdown wants you to look spectacular as well. Spawned from the popular apparel brand Affliction, Throwdown has recently sponsored some high caliber names, such as Phil Davis and Mike Pierce. They continue to ride their wave of success with these thermal designs, incorporating brave colors and in-your-face curving artwork that will feed your drive for MMA. Pick up a couple of them today, and wear them while you watch your favorite fighters in the coming months, as the UFC continues it’s unparalleled success and growth.

Throwdown Rhino White Thermal | Front View

Throwdown Rhino White Thermal | Back View

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Throwdown Pandarus Thermal | Front View

Throwdown Pandarus Thermal | Back View

Throwdown Pandarus Thermal | Right Sleeve View

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Throwdown Republic Thermal | Front View

Throwdown Republic Thermal | Back View

Throwdown Republic Thermal | Right Sleeve View

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Throwdown Havoc Thermal | Front View

Throwdown Havoc Thermal | Back View

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Throwdown Maverick Thermal | Front View

Throwdown Maverick Thermal | Back View

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