Trash Talkin’ Kids Big Boy Roy Shirt

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Stephan Bonnar and his Trash Talkin’ Kids ringer tees are available again! These fun designs are similar to Bonnar’s Punch Buddies shirts. Among the re-releases is the Big Boy Roy shirt, featuring “Big Country” Nelson. From the Pepto Bismol pink fabric to the horror movie font and the trading card vibe, this fun t-shirt is distinctly 80s. Complete with a mullet, a plate of burgers, and a hand on his belly, Roy Nelson is shown in red and white checkered overalls. Any “Big Country” fan should appreciate the humor in this fun design, and sporting it during his next fight would be a nice change from the typical abstract walkout tee.

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Trash Talkin Kids Big Boy Ringer Shirt

Trash Talkin Kids Big Boy Ringer Shirt | Front & Back

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