Death Clutch UFC 141 Brock Lesnar Redemption Walkout Shirt (Full Sponsors Version)

Topics: MMA Clothing

Brock Lesnar’s walkout shirt by DeathClutch is an exclusive sponsors’ version; it includes logo hits from his biggest sponsors, such as Jack Link’s, Jimmy John’s, and Dymatize Nutrition.  It is a 100% cotton crew neck t-shirt made from comfortable 18/single cotton.  The aforementioned sponsors appear on the front, back, and both sleeves.  The front features a Death Clutch logo, as well as a skull graphic with Brock Lesnar text in cursive on the forehead.  “Team Death Clutch Brock Lesnar” makes an appearance on the bottom of the shirt.  The same graphics are featured on the back, complete with more sponsors.  Pick up this limited edition sponsor version of the former UFC Heavyweight champion’s walkout shirt before his upcoming fight with Alistair Overeem!

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