UFC AIM Compression Training Apparel

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With compression training gear gaining in popularity, the UFC goes above and beyond with a kick ass new set of compression apparel pieces that have been researched and perfected to produce the highest performance possible. The AIM collection, short for Anatomic Interface Mapping, is truly next generation technology, incorporating a musculature grid built into a seamless, chafe-resistant fabric. This high class material uses targeted compression zones to give you an edge in every area of your game. Speed and power are maximized by harnessing your elastane energy, and your blood flow is optimized, reducing fatigue and speeding up recovery time. Another feature utilized in this new technology is targeted muscle vibration control, which reduces the physical strain felt during training; it aids in muscle coordination as well. Other important features include a weaved composite fabric that wicks away moisture and prevents odor, posture and balance support, and a 4-way stretch system that provides the most movement and versatility possible. Choose from the compression shorts and three different tops, all of which will give you a massive step up when it comes to training.

UFC AIM Compression

UFC AIM Long Sleeve Compression Top

UFC AIM Short Sleeve Compression Top

UFC AIM Sleeveless Compression Top

UFC AIM Compression Shorts

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