UFC Striate and Opus Shirts

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The UFC steps up their game by offering many new designs to their apparel collection, including bright, creative designs from tees to tanks, hoodies to hats, and everything in between. Lately, with their emergence into national television through their partnership with the FOX network, the UFC apparel designs have been more impressive than they’ve been in the past. The two shirts most recently featured are the Striate and Opus designs. The Striate shirt incorporates a simple, yet sophisticated design featuring striations between Octagon shapes and a large UFC logo in the center. The Opus shirt is similarly abstract, with distressed textmarks and a classy logo on the front. The repeating text shows “Ultimate Fighting Championship” several times. Pick up both of them today to support their unprecedented ambitious growth throughout the world.

UFC Striate Shirt | Front View

UFC Striate Shirt | Back View

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UFC Opus Shirt | Front View

UFC Opus Shirt | Back View

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