UFC TUF 15 Team Faber and Team Cruz Hats

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The highly anticipated TUF 15 series will finally be premiering today, featuring a live format that fans have been buzzing about for months leading up to today’s premiere. Join Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz as they train a cast of up and coming Lightweights in their quest to join the ranks of the UFC’s elite. Choose your team with not only the official Team Faber and Team Cruz shirts and/or Team Faber or Team Cruz hoodies, but now their hats as well. Introducing the UFC TUF 15 official team hats. Featuring the UFC Octagon logo and the coach’s name on the back, these hats leave no doubt as to who you want to win the season. The team colors come into play, with the Team Faber hat sporting blue and black coloring, and the Team Cruz hat boasting a classy black and red combination. Join your chosen team today with a sporty hat from the UFC’s TUF collection.

UFC TUF 15 Team Cruz Hat | Front & Back

UFC TUF 15 Team Faber Hat | Front & Back

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