Venum Lightweight MMA Focus Mitts

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Venum truly urges you to take your MMA training to the next level, and climb the ranks of your division. Their world-class equipment truly allows any performance athlete in martial arts to take hold of their training and bump it up to the next level, such as their recent boxing gloves release. These new focus mitts from the Brazilian Snake are a grand example of their designing prowess. Featuring lightweight and compact material, the mitts will absorb shock as well as allow increased mobility and flexibility than other models. Precision, speed, and versatility are also at the maximum, with an adjustable hand grip and tapered size. The visual design is interesting as well, with both full logos and the well-known hissing snake making appearances. Pick up a new addition to your gear collection today in the form of these superb focus mitts, and step your game up another notch.

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Venum Lightweight MMA Focus Mitts

Venum Lightweight MMA Focus Mitts | Front & Back View

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