Thailand Inspired Premium Venum Muay Thai Pads

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Venum’s world-class team has taken their gear to another level with these premium Muay Thai pads, adding to both their already famous collection of gear and their outstanding reputation as one of the best producers of MMA gear in the game. The combination Buffalo and Syntec leather provides a strong, durable, yet comfortable exterior, while the multi-density foam system absorbs shock like it’s nothing. These pads include additional arm padding to provide more protection from injury by both the holder and the kicker, and durable velcro closures prevent slippage. You’ll be the envy of your allies and adversaries alike when sporting these superb pads in training; step up your Muay Thai training today by picking up a pair.

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Venum Thai Pads | Front View

Venum Thai Pads | Front & Back View

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